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Animating effectss for stickfigure spotlight 4!!!

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hyun/stick-f igure-spotlight-4-and-summoner-showdown-2

Support us if you care! YEEE. Also I'm in Sweden now, it's nice here.

Hey everyone, so for anyone that plays League of Legends... or just follow me >__>.. Phil and Eric have both released their animations which they aired live during the All Stars game in China! I did most of the effects found in both!

The first one is a coolio battle of Lee Sin buttraping Teemo in the butt.

And this one is another one of Hyun's awesome sauce, fun stick parodies

I hope you guys enjoy.. I'm continually trying to improve my effects, but I've been pretty busy with stuff. Currently I'm in Sweden working on the new Clear Vision game with Endo and Dan! Anyhow... that's it for now BYE.

Enjoy everyone!

Hey me and my friend terkoiz are looking for a background artist for our upcoming League of legends animation thing. You'll be paid and credited etc etc. So pm me if you're good and interested! yeeee

Also Clear Vision 2 is out! So buy it if you're interested!
iPhone/iPod: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id598241102
iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id598565251
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai r.dpflashes.clearvision2

Also I made a fan page on fb cause I'm a faggot https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miccool/144012485 759582?fref=ts

that is all

Looking for Background artist for League anims

Just sayin.......

Terkoiz and me are making a LoL anim... ya


Hyun do animation, I do effects. Enjoy!


Clear vision (17+) 3rd top paid iphone game!

2012-03-30 21:46:09 by Miccool

Hey guys, this iPhone game I helped animate with my friend Endo and my programmer Dan is like the third top paid game on the iphone or something right now. Which is pretty fucking cool.

You can buy it and tell me how it goes cause cause I don't have an iphone.

If you're under 17 and your parents don't let you watch hentai then you can always get the (12+) version. And if you're under 12 then you're basically fucked.

Cheers big ears! I'm welding this door! Loads of monay!

Edit: oh yeah, I got nominated for the annual tank awards too! =D Wish me luck (though I highly doubt I'll win lol)

Clear vision (17+) 3rd top paid iphone game!


2012-01-19 00:15:28 by Miccool

Liquid soap or bar soap?